week 6 blog challenge!

Before I start this post, I just want to say I know I’m late with week 5,6 that’s because we had a longer break than expected. 

Online learning VS. Face-to-face learning

Online learning. This was exciting at first, but it got boring. Yeah, it was at home and all, but you couldn’t socialise or anything! Asking questions is hard. Because your teacher might be offline, in a meeting, or not answering her/his emails. The only upside to me was getting snacks at anytime.

Face-to-face learning. Face to face learning is much easier, because you’re able to go up to people and ask questions without the teacher ‘being on a meeting’ or ‘offline’. You’re also socialising which is important for young people.



week 5: Earth day

Kevin Wolf Plastic Pollution

We all know how harmful plastic pollution can be. But do you really know how harmful it actually is? Did you know over 1 million turtles and marine life are killed due to plastic debris each year

It’s so horrible to hear about this. So why don’t we do something to change it? Every small thing can make a difference. Let’s start by actually re-using or crafting/ making art with recycled things! By doing little things like this, we can eventually end up with almost no plastic interrupting our marine life!!Cool, right??!


Visiting others’ blogs

Hello! I have returned yet with another post. I visited 3 blogs from peoples’ blogs around the world. 


I found this one blog, it looked really well done! It inspired me to create more content on my blog. In fact, I’m going to give you the link to their blog right now!


I beg you to check @LuckyLlama out right now 😀

Lucky Llamas’ blog

Something cool about their blog design was their little background and the way they set out their posts. I was surprised how well they make their blogs for their age!

about me! 💙🌺

Meaning of these emojis: 🌺 💙

the blue heart means an information post about anything I want to update about. 

The flower means I hope you enjoy this post, and I feel very happy.


hello!! I’m going to tell you a bit about me because yes.

-My name is Sarah

-I like writing stories about characters I make up

-I love drawing

-I have a dog his name is Loki and he is turning 4 this year.

-I do badminton and I am 5’3.

This is my avatar. My hair isn’t the closest I could get, but It’s close enough!!

My dog is a border collie if you want to know.

I live in Australia and I have a bit of a brittish accent.

This is a little pet I made named cermet.my pet! sometimes!!


S mile

A esthetic

R espectful

A ctive

H ealthy


Cambodia is located in Asia.

Asia is located in the Northern hemisphere, so that’d mean that Cambodia is, too.

Cambodia’s population is 16.72 million.

Cambodia speaks the main language Khmer. At least 90% of Cambodia speaks Khmer.

Cambodia’s currency is Cambodian riel.

Did you know that Australia has a connection with Cambodia? Well, I didn’t! So I’ll tell you what it is. Australia has a defence program linked with ‘Cambodia of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces’.

Cambodia is the only flag what has a building on it! Isn’t that interesting?

Cambodia shares borders with Vietnam(E), Laos (NE), Thailand (W, NW).

(NW means North West, NE means North East, W means West and E means East.


Blog comments Thumbs up or down?

  1. I rate this 0/5. Not helpful at all, and the grammar is terrible. The only good thing is the ‘From Penny’.
  2. I rate this 2/5 because the topic is irrelevant and the spelling is not good. The good part is that it says ‘From Sally’ with a smiley face!
  3. I rate this 3/5, mainly because ‘Dear Elliot’ part doesn’t have a comma like a proper email would. Also, nothing is helpful.
  4. I rate this 4/5 because of its good grammar but not helpful.
  5. I’d rate this a 4/5 because of its really nice and good grammar, but it’s not really helpful to the writer.
  6. This comment is just plain rude. I rate 0/5 because her sister must feel bad and the topic is once again irrelevant
  7. .3/5 This is a nice comment but there is no ‘Dear’ or ‘From’
  8. 5/5 I think the comment is nice, and helpful too! The blogger can clearly get some feedback from this.

I say the least helpful one is 1 because the grammar is bad and hard to understand.

I think number 8 is the most helpful one because its very clear in what Dianne says.

200 word writing challenge

Shiba Inu.

I have done some research on how to take care of a Shiba Inu… I”m going to tell you how!

Shiba Inu’s need to be brushed at least once a month, rather than once a week.

How to take care

This may seem silly, but Shiba Inu’s generally have clean teeth, though, they need their teeth brushed not only once a week, but twice. Never try to skip brushing a Shiba Inu’s teeth, this can lead to the dog getting pental Disease’.However, Shiba Inu’s need walks every second day so they stay fit and healthy.
Always stay careful near Shiba Inu’s when they’re mad because they can get snappy and hurt someone these include not listening to you, keeping something you told she/he to give back and snapping loudly against small animals such as rodents, bunnies, guinea pigs and others.

Diet, care and routine.

  • Keep your Shiba Inu’s diet consistent and don’t give her dairy food or meat you’d buy for a family.
  • Clean a Shiba Inu’s ear weekly, that’ll make sure he/she’ll have good hearing.
  • Always supervise a Shiba Inu, otherwise, your furniture could get scratched and things could break.
  • Feed her/him a good dog diet.